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SongQuest: Music Trivia filmy ishtyle

SongQuest is the ultimate music trivia game: listen to music from different parts of India and the world and answer simple trivia related to the songs. Challenge your friends to beat your score and unlock a treasure trove of music and quirky badges! Play to your strengths with albums/playlists you have heard before or master new music genres.

From Bollywood oldies to the latest hits, from international classic rock to foot tapping dance numbers, from songs featuring the Khans to regional favourites, SongQuest is a fun game for every music lover!

Watch the gameplay video for SongQuest below



Shiva : The Time Bender

The ultimate hero is finally here – saving the universe, one era at a time!

Bend time to your will, unlock incredible weapons, unleash new power-ups and customize your hero with awesome new gear. Invite your friends on Facebook, send them incredible gifts and unlock epic achievements. Compete against other players in your country to reach the top of the leader-boards and become a legend!

Collect orbs, kill deadly enemies, jump across eras and complete the various challenges thrown at you in this brand new 2D side-scrolling endless runner! Get ready to rock all of space and time!

Watch the awesome gameplay trailer here



Magic Temple: A fast paced arcade-puzzler

Magic Temple lies in the fantastic world of ancient elements – Earth, Fire and Ice. Master all the elements and rise to become a legendary mage worthy of the Magic Temple Hall of Fame!

As a junior mage, your objective is to Tap & Match gems to increase the power of their elements and unlock their magic to cast spells. But remember: you only have 60 seconds to work your magic!

To help you in your quest, you can arm yourself with special boosts that enhances your spells and powers.
Each game is a mad rush of wits and reflexes. Act fast and keep your combos up — or risk being overshadowed by more powerful mages.

Download this exciting game below:


The Team

We are a motley group of designers, artists and developers who believe that games make the world a better place. If you have a mobile device, we want to be on it – making your life a little bit more fun, a little bit more entertaining.

We are based in the beautiful city of Bangalore, but don’t go out much (busy making games). So do write to us – it will make our day!

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you think have the skills and the passion, click the button to view available openings

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